Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Spring Has Sprung! All Over My Motivation!

It is the very beginning of spring here in the temperate PacNW. I am hearing people talking about their garden starts and their plans to grow big beautiful tomatoes and tall stalks of beans and peas nestled in next to organic heirloom lettuces and broccoli. It makes me say WHAT THE F IS WRONG WITH ME?!!! Why am I not even close to thinking about planting little green things other than my envious thoughts that begin "oh man, I wish..." and end "I don't have time to scratch my ass let alone garden right now!" I feel like my priorities are out of whack or something. I have a best friend who, while in MF-ing MEDICAL school and pregnant as humanly possible had a beautiful make that THE MOST BEAUTIFUL and abundant veggie garden I have seen in a long time. What is wrong with me? My weeks right now look a little something like this (they start on Friday as that is my "Monday")
Friday: Sleep in as long as possible then work 7pm-7am
Saturday: Run 3-4miles home from work then sleep from 9am-5pm, have dinner and go back to work 7pm-7am
Sunday: Run 3-4miles home from work then sleep until 4ish in order to see the hubbs for a while before clinicals 7pm-3am
Monday: Sleep until noon then get up to run and study before clinicals 7pm-3am
Tuesday: See Monday lather rinse repeat... though lately I have been taking Tuesday nights off (shhh don't tell) so I can function Wed.
Wednesday: Up at 5am to be at school by 7am until 4pm. Water aerobics. Pass out around 8pm
Thursday: SLEEP THE FUCK IN! Get up and run then study (we have been making Thursday "date night" for the past few weeks since the hubbs has been off. Last week we met a big group for beer and pool) This is my brightest spot in the whole week!
And now we are back to Friday and it starts all over again!
Do we maybe think that this is why I can't fathom planting things and taking responsibility for weeding and watering and tenderly singing to them? Maybe. Anyway, I feel like I am missing a lot this year. I will be missing the Mt Hood summit class, country fair, watching The Otter grow up, helping my father move, SUMMER! I know why I am here and I know why I am doing all of this I just wish I had more time to plant things and watch them grow. I look forward to the days when I can wake early, after a full night's sleep, and sit on the front step drinking tea and watching the starts grow. For now I will train for my Marathon (yep! MARATHON 26.2Miles) in October, look forward to my wedding in September, and keep my nose to the grindstone until August.

Fitness Day 86
6mile run 11min 40sec pace in forest park with dogs and Hubbs.
Bought books on marathon training
Bought new bra and finally ran free from the feeling of being punched in the boobs for miles on end.

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