Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Final Post

It has come to my attention that there have been some readers out there in the silent shadows who have read, spread and been quite upset by things that I have written here. I realize my responsibility to post thoughtfully and accept the risk that comes with the interwebs. Sooooo, that said, this will be the last blog post. Thanks for that, awesome shadow readers! I will be starting up a new blog. If you enjoyed my blog and would like to know where I will be posting in the future send me a message and I will happily inform you of the new blog. I will state for the record that I never intended to hurt or offend. I was under the impression that the blog was at best obscure and likely highly unread. I am deeply sorry for the strain I have caused on my dear in-laws. That was NEVER my intention and I feel a little sick thinking about the mess my thoughtless venting has instigated. I continue to feel pissed about the things that occurred but I recognize that there are more appropriate locations to express these feelings. Best wishes