Thursday, December 31, 2009

The End of the Old Year the Eve of the New Year

As the sun goes down on another year, the first ten of the new Millennium and the last day of my mother's visit I am waxing philosophical. There has been a lot of good over the last year. I think I will spend today's post making a little list of A. The wonderful things about the last year B. The things I hope for for the next year. I fear that if I don't do it in list format I will end up missing the last night of my mother's visit, lost in a wander down memory lane. So here we go....

A. Wonderful things about 2009
* I have been working at my current job for the last year and have found myself a family in the night crew of the ER.
* The Hubbs and I got to celebrate many exciting things like birthdays, family reunions, holidays (Hubbs made his first Christmas Dinner all by himself) as a couple. This is exciting because I am no longer "new and shiny" to his family and thus it takes a lot less effort for myself as well as everyone else to be comfortable just spending a weekend together.
* I got engaged to my best buddy. 2009 began the period of planning and working towards an official life together.
* We were booted out of one house and stumbled into the amazing place we live in now. (Sucked at the time but has turned into a GIGANTIC blessing).
* I got into and have proceeded to kick ass in paramedic school. Without the hubbs I never would have known what a fantastic opportunity and possibility for my future this could be.
* We adopted a funny little Luna. She has been a wonderful addition to our little proto-fambly. She keeps Gwen on her toes and feeling young, keeps me feeling loved and keeps the Hubbs warm on nights when I am at work.
* I got to watch and help as my best friend became a mother and welcomed the otter into the world.
* I got to go to the Country Fair again.
* I got to help other friends celebrate their happy news of a new baby "OMG" on the way over turkey
* I reconnected with a long lost friend from my life back east.
* I got serious about being healthy and happy and found help and partnership with both of those missions.
* I made an AWESOME new friend....Elaine!
* My parents have continued to remodel their friendship and I am confidant now that even in spite of the huge distance between them they will continue to be my family both individually, together and and with the love and support of their partners.
*Dad and Kathleen moved to Idaho and are now only 9hrs away....vs 4days away.
*The Hubbs got a full time gig in his dream job as a "wilderness" medic for lack of a better term. He runs the every day calls too but is part of the team that responds to the crazy wilderness stuff too. He is so happy here and it makes me feel better about losing him for 4 days at a time, every four days.

B. Things I am hopeful for in 2010.
* I will continue to take my health and physical fitness seriously and will reach my goals.
* I will get to see more of my family.
* I will be getting married. I hope to continue to build a partnership as well as a celebration which represents and supports the kind of woman and person I want to be,
* I hope for a real change for universal health care
* I hope we pull our heads out of our assess as a nation and grant same sex partners "married" status and all of the things that come with that.
* I hope to graduate with honors and get a sweet gig (read and job as a paid paramedic) in the city.
* I hope for the best for my friends and family both biological and newly extended. I know there has been a lot of hardship this year and I hope for a better time of it for everyone this coming year and decade.

This is clearly and abridged list but none the less this is what I am grateful for and what I hope for for the coming year. Happy New Year to anyone out there reading...

I will be back to writing daily now that the holiday hubub is case anyone is out there....

Fitness day 14.
I have lost a total of 6lbs since I started.
Elliptical machine 48min 600kCal
Pilates 20min
I have managed to work out all but one day since my mom came to visit. I am happy and thankful that she was so happy to jump on board and come to the gym or do pilates on the floor with me. Thanks Mom!

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